Indonesia’s middle class has grown significantly in over two decades and has help to hasten on consumption growth. Demand patterns of populations is reaching to greater heights at very fast pace. This phenomenon has attracted many international and local brands to fulfil the population’s request. With this current growth, health and beauty sector always remains one of the most popular growth. Learn more

Cosmetic Registration Regulations

Over the years, cosmetic growth in Indonesia is massive. Increase of income and urbanization cause more Indonesian are willing to spend more budget on consumer product. Subsequently, personal care and cosmetic has contributed a stable 10-15% growth per annum in the economy. As consumers expectation and income increment, imported niche and premium brands are making their mark in Indonesia market. A study from Nielsen shows that consumer still prefers global brand (48%) over local brands (36%) in cosmetic sector. The Standard Procedure for cosmetic registration is regulated according to No. HK. National Agency of Food and Drug Control Republic of Indonesia (BPOM) Based on the regulation, procedure of registration has been divided into 2 stages: Pre-assessment and Assessment

  • Pre-Assessmentis a process to determine product’s validity with documents and categorizing cosmetic. This may take up to 20 working days from the day of receipt from BPOM
  • Assessmentis the evaluation process on the documents and supporting data provided in Pre-assessment stage. This may take 4 to 6 months.
  • Validity of registration:3 years

Important Note before registering products in Indonesia:

Every product has a few specific requirements before submiting for registration in Indonesia.

  1. Register under a company in Indonesia
    • Setting-up own company in Indonesia
    • Appointing Indonesia Local Distribution company
    • Appointing Dipa Husada as your license product holder
  2. Has Indonesia Importer Identification Number - Angka Pengenal Importir (API)
    • With registration under Dipa Husada as your license holder, we are able to use our company Importer Identification Number
  3. Product owner or company are in cosmetic-related industry or receive appointment letter directly from the industry
  4. Product manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) or ISO 2200 (as the minimum benchmark) certified by competent government authority or accredited institution for the purpose of BPOM standard for food imports.



Product Document Requirements

Administrative Documents:
  • Business Trade License (SIUP)
  • Importing License (API)
  • Letter of Authorization from Manufacturer and Principal
  • Certificate of Free Sales by Government Origin country that proven legal by the Indonesian embassy/Consulate General from Origin Country
  • Good Manufacturing Practice/ Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points/ ISO 2200 minimum from manufacturer
  • Letter of Appointment with Manufacturer and Principal
Technical Documents
  • Ingredients details – composition, formula, raw material data, product usage
  • Manufacturing Process details from raw material collection to finished product according to each batch.
  • Stability study based on Indonesia, zone IV, RH: 75% + 5%, T: 30oC +2oC, minimum 6 months and total of 2 batches
  • Labeling and Packaging Details with complying with Indonesia Codex Cosmetic regulation (mainly in Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Other documents that are necessary according to requirements of BPOM
Additional Documents
  • Documents supporting on Halal documentation (BSE/TSE, free melamin, etc)
  • Certificate of safety test on microbial, heavy metal, and other necessary test from BPOM-appointed laboratories only.

All imported health and food supplement may only be distributed into Indonesia must be registered via BPOM before clearance through customs. Selecting a company is very important as the regulation of Indonesia only allows one product to be register using one company only. With this registration, the selected company will be the exclusive agent for your product and hold product license during the validity of registration. Without their approval, you are not allowed to pre-register with another distributor.

Dipa Husada offer services to represent your company to be registered safely in Indonesia.

We offer
  • Consultation and management services for the process of registration (pre-assessment and assessment) with the government body (BPOM)
  • Importing services with established facilities.
  • Excellent quality service during the process of registration until its completed.
  • Repeat registration for all products
  • Principal’s third-party license holder that allows principal to expand throughout Indonesia with flexibility

Working with Dipa Husada, we provide importing service into Indonesia without your own legal entity and importing license in Indonesia.

We offer importing services to our business partners to bring their products into Indonesia with ease. With our established infrastructure and team, importing will be straightforward and hassle-free.

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