General and Modern Market Trade Penetration

Our diverse company portfolio enables us to provide excellent quality services to our principals to enter Indonesia market with less hassle. We distribute to whole Indonesia concentrated on consumer health and nutritional products. Our network has outreach to 33 provinces in Indonesia covering international to local hypermarkets, pharmacy chains, convenience stores, local pharmacy stores, local drug stores and many more. Since our establishment in 2002, we have brought in numerous health and beauty products and market throughout the whole of Indonesia. We offer complete selection of marketing and sales strategies for customers’ products. We have well-established a record in brand-building and services to all channels, customers and outlet in Indonesia. Our existing clients has entrusted us with their products and we have grown and expand their products throughout the whole Indonesia. Ranging from largest international shopping complex to the smallest local convenient stores, we are able to provide ideal marketing and sales coverage to attract fellow Indonesians by using our local culture, religion and language understanding to provide the best tools for our clients.

With us, we offer
  • Nationwide coverage of distribution, including all provinces: general and modern trade
  • In-depth understanding of local culture and customer behavior
  • Market competitor research
  • Excellent marketing entry points
  • Effective and efficient transportation throughout the whole Indonesia
  • Localized marketing strategy and forecast quantity
  • Skill and experience staff on building brands
  • Well-trained product sales forces with product knowledge to educate the market