Indonesia is one of the fastest-growing regions in e-commerce category and has attracted many parties from all over the world. Alibaba invested into the two strongest performing e-commerce platforms (Lazada and Tokopedia), JD (China) entering into Indonesia, Go-jek and many more has proven exponential rate growth in digital sector in Indonesia. Therefore, capturing Indonesia’s e-commerce opportunity requires a reliable and capable partner that understand the complexity behind it. By joining us, we are able to provide an opportunity for our clients to move into digital platforms with well-established infrastructure and resources that outreach to the local culture and behavior. Whether brand owners are new or experience e-commerce platform users, we offer excellent services including from digital marketing, marketplace services and data analytics.

With our established portfolio, we offer services on

Digital Marketing

  • Digital marketing solutions, performances and assessments targets from social media, blogger influencers, online marketing, website development, search engine and many more.
  • Consultation on Public Relation Activation, Event and Exhibitions for our clients to engage their products into the local consumers
  • Plan, promote, implement and execute targeted events.

Online Channel Engagement

  • Provide unique marketplace engagement with our established infrastructure, where we are the only platforms that connect principals, retailers and consumers under one roof.
  • Connects with Indonesia’s leading e-commerce platform engagement such as Lazada,Tokopedia, Bukalapak and thereof.
  • Provide consultation on personal online channel engagement such as local website, social media channel and many more

Data Analytics

  • Provide analytic Indonesia consumer data to our clients for business driving purposes and implication on their brands to the locals.
  • Provide consultation on customer engagement and loyalty
  • Providing consultation on consumer behavior and potential on data-driven marketing.